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Directions & Location Map

1. From Neeru's emporium on Jubilee Hills road no. 36, get onto road no. 36 extension (also called 100ft road, goes towards Ayyappa society).
2. After crossing Best Western's "Jubilee Ridge" Hotel (to your right), take right at divider break and enter the lane with a huge "Kakatiya Hills" arch.
3. Go for 600 metres (you will cross Sri Chaitanya Techno School to your left), at which point the lane turns right.
4. Take that right (you will see a Curious Homes Elite hoarding at the turning).
5. In about 200 metres, get into the gate right opposite the road to enter a gated colony (part of Beverly Hills). You will see a Curious Homes Elite hoarding at the gate.
6. Within 100 metres inside the gate, take left at the next Curious Homes Elite hoarding.
7. The 2nd building to your left is Curious Homes Elite.

Beverly Hill Layout, Jubilee Hills